Learn ethical business behavior, as well as management and leadership skills, while working together as a team to become:



"I would like to work with computers as my future career, so I decided to take TSI to get a head start."

- Danny S Class of 2021


"At the Help Desk, I'm challenged to talk to people.  In college, I'll have to do the same"

- Anthony K Class of 2022


"Repairing Chromebooks taught me to be efficient, even when faced with what seems to be an impossible task."

- Vicki S Class of 2021


"I got certified in PowerPoint.  When I submit my resume with that certification it will help me stand out in the hiring process."

- Charlie S Class of 2020

See first-hand how students in TSI become



York TSI Class

The Student Tech Services Help Desk prepares students for real-world jobs in the field of information technology. Students will provide first-line technical support resolving general device problems. Students will be trained to support students and teachers to ensure that all calls and problems are dealt with quickly and effectively. Supporting new technologies and repairing devices will be taught in a hands-on class atmosphere.


Troubleshooting will include disassembly and reassembly of hardware components such as motherboards, power supplies, LCD panels and network cards is the foundation of the work students will learn. Additionally, students will learn how to install, recover and configure the Google Chrome Operating System using CROSH diagnostics and SHIM procedures to troubleshoot device problems. Students will gain an understanding of how a help desk functions and the role of customer service in today’s world of technology. When not engaged in a tech help role, students will be working on a self-directed pathway of their choice. These pathways will be used to help prepare students for career readiness and certifications, for example, Apple Swift Coding, Programming, CompTIA IT Fundamentals, MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) and Adobe Creative Suite.


Note: Students do not receive monetary compensation for this internship experience.

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